Essay on American Schools Need Essentialism

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American Schools Need Essentialism

There are five main philosophies that describe education: Essentialism (the back-to-basics approach which strives to teach students the essentials), Progressivism (which stresses individuality), Perennialism (which is the teaching of philosophies that have been around for hundreds of years), Existentialism (which give the students the choice of when to study and when not to), and Behaviorism (which lets teachers use reinforcement to achieve the desired behaviors which need to be used in the class room). Essentialism was the main philosophy used in earlier classrooms, and should be adopted back into the classrooms of today.

If essentialism is going to be brought back into the classroom many
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Another point that needs to be discussed is the fact that students do not have the discipline that they used too. Young adults need an example set for them if they are going to behave properly. Teachers need to set this example by making students follow the rules, and having strict punishments for the students whenever they break these set rules. Students need a well-rounded schedule to prepare them for the years to come. It is obvious that they need the basic classes such as math, science, English, and social sciences. There are electives that are needed, but there are a lot offered that serve no purpose at all. Some examples of classes that I had were teachers’ aid, health and physical education, and chorus. These classes did not prepare me at all for the college experience. As a result of this I almost failed out of Concord College my first year.

Another good way to keep students focused is to give them standardized tests. These tests should be taken very seriously. The SAT and ACT tests are a perfect way to test a student’s ability to perform in a classroom. The teachers never know if the student has fallen behind, or is slow is academics. If a student is incapable of keeping up with the pace of other students, they should be demoted, or placed in remedial classes for extra help.

As I mentioned before I am an elementary education major. I plan to finish my education and hopefully find a job to educate
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