American Slavery American Freedom By Edmond S. Morgan

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In his book, American Slavery American Freedom, the author Edmond S. Morgan informs us of the two strange births of American slavery and American freedom in the new colonial Virginia. In this read, we saw how the new colonial Virginia experience creates a strange enigma of early colonial freedom and slavery and how the growth of the two develops hand in hand. The title alone has the reader presuming the reading is focused primarily on American slavery, but to the contrary, it is not. In defense, this book does show the injustice of slavery in early America not only towards African Americans but to the Native Americans as well. But, Edmond 's book is long, and in some ways, very detailed. Morgan seems to delight himself in the telling of distinct specifics and at sometimes one might find themselves wishing he would not linger so much on all the glorious details. Believable or not, Morgan 's method of approach does have a purpose that readers will find at the end. But, as lengthy as this book is, the reader will have to be determined to get to the end. Through his detailed work, Morgan wants to display how society acquires its ugly, harsh and immoral traits through a gradual and dishonest system. Gradually, event by event and law by law the construction of what seems to emerge has even readers of the 20th century horrified and appalled. Yet, at that time, society and it 's up bringing appears to be the most logical, and appropriate thing to do. We can first see

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