American Snack Chip Manufacturing Corporation: Market and Product Analysis

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A Company, its Market, and its Product The fictitious company, the American Snack Chip Manufacturing Corporation (ASCMCO), was started in 2012 in the basement of a house in Queens, NY. The company began with two women who wanted to create a better snack chip and who were focused on using the commercial grade equipment they had inherited from their uncle when his snack business closed down. The mission statement of the company is to make the best snack chips and potato chips in the United States, and then begin expanding to other countries so that the whole world can enjoy the chips the company offers. To that end, the company has decided to move into a foreign market, which will be Japan. China exports so much to the United States and many snack companies have already moved into that market, so Japan was decided upon since it seemed as though it might be a more logical choice. One of the best ways to determine a country to move into with a new product is to do research into what is already in that country and what people from that country may want that they do not have (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Since the fictitious company makes more than just potato chips, there is a strong chance that it can provide different kinds of chips and different kinds of flavors that will please the Japanese palate. The marketing plan involves extensive research, because the company must know what kinds of foods make good chips and which of those foods the Japanese palate would enjoy before

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