American Sniper Book Report

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The book American Sniper is written by Chris Kyle and it follows his life and the four tours he served in Iraq while serving in U.S. Navy as a SEAL. He was born in Odessa, Texas on April 8, 1984 and was truly the definition of a patriot. Chris, after surviving the four tours was sadly fatally shot in the states on February 2, 2013 by an ex-marine while trying to help the marine cope with his PTSD. Chris was the definition of a patriot and was willing to do anything to protect the country he loved so much. While reading his book I was able to understand what it is like being an individual who is just a soldier fighting for something that is much larger than oneself. The only reason to read this book in my opinion is to get an understanding of the self sacrifice that every military personnel goes through while protecting our country. Keep in mind that people in the military have families as well. At one point in the book Chris was in an apartment building at night keeping watch over a street in Baghdad. While things were getting slow, he made a call to his wife Taya while continuing to keep watch. Just as the conversation started a couple of insurgents popped out and started firing at the building he was in. One he saw had an RPG and was about to fire. Of course Chris…show more content…
Bradley Cooper (playing Chris Kyle) was in a vehicle talking to his wife finding out that their first child together was going to be a boy when an IED went off and the battle beginning. In whole the movie wasn’t very accurate. Cooper went on a film-long pursuit of an enemy Syrian sniper known as Mustafa eventually killing him with his longest shot during the war. In reality his longest kill was not Mustafa and he was never even engaged in combat with him (Kyle 139). American Sniper is a good movie but a GREAT book and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a suspenseful, action packed, and dramatic
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