American Sniper By Chris Kyle

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Love, an intense feeling of deep affection. loving someone so much, willing to do anything to make that person or place. Perseverance, Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. The movie of American Sniper was based off of a true story of Chris Kyle. Chris Kyle Joined the Navy Seals leaving his wife and kids to protect his country. Throughout the movie it shows how being faithful and perseverance plays a big role in the world we are living in. Based on the complexity and actions of the characters, imagery, symbolism and the angles the camera took, the movie, “ American Sniper” illuminates and emcopasses a theme of Love and Perseverance. First of all, the movie “American Sniper” is a film about the…show more content…
The other two nominations came from Best Writing, Adapted screenplay, and for Best Achievement In Film editing. The last one was for Best Achievement in Sound Mixing. The American Sniper movie end up winning the oscar for Best Achievement in Sound Editing (trumbo). First off, Love shows itself many times throughout the movie American Sniper through the complexity and actions of the varied characters. Some of characters play a much bigger role in identify the theme than do others. Taya, Chris Kyle wife known for being a humble wife. Even Though She didn’t like the idea of Chris being at War killing enemies or enemies killing him. When Chris decided to go to war, she didn’t divorce or leave him. Several times, She told Chris not to go back to War, however Chris refused. Many wife in this situation will divorce or leave them but she never did. While Chris was at War, she stayed faithful by not cheating on Chris and supporting him with his missions when he was at War. What kept them from being divorced was Love. The main character Chris kyle also reveals how much love he had toward his Navy Seals Team by always being there with them to help protect their country. In the move Chris was ask by his wife if he was ever thinks about who will be at the end of his gun, and his response was, “ I just wants to protect his Country”. Chris has Kids that he have to take
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