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Reviews of ‘American Sniper’ American Sniper is a 2014 movie about Chris Kyle, a Navy Seal Sniper who served 4 tours of duty in Iraq, and credited with being the most lethal United States Sniper of all time. The movie follows Kyle’s life from the attacks of 9/11, the impetus for joining the military, through his 4 combat tours as a sniper in Iraq, and the years after his military service, including the event that led to his death in 2013. Much of the film shows Kyle’s combat experience, the actions he took, and consequently the turmoil that results from those actions. The movie was not only a commercial success, it was also a catalyst for debate on the morality of war, and how it affects those who fight wars. The first review I read was…show more content…
Bonenburger himself a combat veteran, he launches into his review describing how the movie, in its release infancy, already is proving highly controversial and polarizing along certain demographics and how the movie’s portray of military life compares with what he experienced himself. Furthermore, he then delves deeper, discussing not only the storyline, but what the movie is really showing the audience. His perspective shows when he writes “Very little actually happens in American Sniper. The spiritual and emotional progress of the characters is limited to basic states of existence (good or bad, alive or dead), and none of them evolve despite numerous encounters with tragedy and misfortune.” (Bonenburger). Bonenburger relays to the reader, in his opinion, the movie stays superficial, it never pushes past the stereotypical “good versus evil” platitudes so it may explore the subject in depth, and in failing to do so, it denies the audience a truly powerful experience. Bonenburger’s review is subjectively based on a comparison to his own experience and will appeal to veterans and to film enthusiasts who want to know how accurate the film captures military…show more content…
The subject matter in American Sniper is controversial. I believe Bonenburger’s wrote the superior review, he gave due credit to the subject matter and provided an insider’s perspective. The subject matter has weight. It delves into how humans legitimize, or perhaps rationalize, the brutality of armed combat. This isn’t a lighthearted tale. This movie depicts one of the more desperate and severe aspect of our culture; vilifying other humans to the point where we readily accept killing them in the name of patriotism, therefore reviews of such subject matter should reflect the same
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