American Sniper by Chris Kyle

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American Sniper by Chris Kyle, is one of the most accurate depictions of the life in special operations as a US Navy Seal. Chris is the most lethal sniper in US. military history. With over 160 confirmed kills between 2003 to 2009. American Sniper is about the in depth happenings inside the Iraq War through the eyes of Seal Team 3. Specifically Chris Kyle. Chris joined the Navy in 1999 where shortly after, he would go to BUD/S training, Basic Underwater Demolition School. There, he went through the hardest military training in the world. BUD/ S has three phases, the first is intense physical conditioning. Among the physical conditioning, the first phase includes running the O—Course which is considered the best obstacle course in the world, the BUD/S trainees are put to the test to see how fast they can run the O-Course, they also do log PT, which is where a group of trainees get together and grab a 200 pound log and do various physical activities with this log. Begin sure not to drop the log or else they will be rewarded getting wet and sandy in the pacific ocean and one hundred push ups. Whenever you mess up in BUD/ S you are rewarded one hundred push ups, and a person messes up on average twenty-five to thirty times a day. First phase conditions also includes a great deal of swimming in the nice cold Pacific Ocean, where the trainees can spend up to eight hours a day. Throughout BUD/ S the trainees get up at four o’clock and get done with training at around seven o’clock
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