American Social Policy And Social Change Essay

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Here in the United States, disputes about the axiological restructuring of American social policy and social change are at the forefront of our policymaking, and one can assume it will remain so for the anticipated future. The belief that change is necessary is evident to all Americans, but which path to take is immensely different. Abramovitz states that, "Ideology is more that abstract ideas. It has raised hopes, inspired fear, and drawn blood for millions of human beings” (2008). Americans stand to make their ideologies on platforms when they elect politicians who share in their beliefs, ideologies, and cultural norms into positions of power. When this occurs, Americans look to their politicians to adhere to their beliefs and take the path to change they see fit. Throughout history, there is a persistent power struggle between American political parties, primarily Republican and Democrat, and the ideologies they harbor. When one party has a more dominant omnipresence, the overall ideology of the country tends to shift. In 2007, Karger & Stoesz state that, “Ideological trends influence social welfare when adherents of one orientation hold sway in decision- making capacities” (p.5). According to Gil, “Choices in social welfare policy are heavily influenced by the dominant beliefs, values, ideologies, customs, and traditions of the cultural and political elites recruited mainly from among the more powerful and privileged strata” (1981, p.32). During this current election

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