American Social Psychologist Leon Festinger (1919-1989),

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American social psychologist Leon Festinger (1919-1989), developed the theory of cognitive dissonance. The premises of this theory suggest that attitudes and behaviors will remain in harmony. Festinger believed that human beings want consistency with their thoughts and actions and attempt to lessen the tension and avoid discrepancies (Mcleod, 2014). The article by Taylor (2007) does a good job discussing the challenges between personal values, and professional values. The article explains how the social worker must align these values and conflicts to make effective and ethical decisions. According to Taylor (2007), professional dissonance is defined as “a feeling of discomfort arising from the conflict between professional values and job…show more content…
When there is an internal conflict, this becomes damaging, leading to bad faith actions. Taylor (2007) explains that living authentically will cause ontological anxiety. However, if the worker chooses bad faith actions carrying the burden of ontological guilt, exposing the social worker to shame, worry and repressing the process of “becoming”. Experience of Professional Dissonance Choosing just one professional dissonance experience was challenging for this assignment. One event that took place this semester was during my advanced field placement, at Mazzitti & Sullivan Counseling Services. The agency provides substance abuse treatment and mental health counseling. Formally, Mazzitti & Sullivan was a small private practice. I the past year the agency was sold to Pyramid Healthcare Inc. This large corporation provides a variety of services on the east coast. With the change in leadership, policies and structural changes, the counselors and myself, as an intern, have recently experienced a professional dissonance that is not in line with our values, morals, and code of ethics for our specific professional disciplines. The dissonance occurs when the staff members were informed that every individual seeking substance abuse treatment, whether the client is mandated or self -referred, must be attend group therapy. During this time, the client can have individual therapeutic counseling sessions. Upon successfully completing group treatment, the client may continue with

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