American Society And Ugandan Society

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I stepped off the plane and the smell of burning trash immediately flooded my nostrils. The pungent smell permeated the air. Driving in the absence of lane lines, crosswalks, or any sense of organization made the eleven hour bus ride from the airport to my final destination all the more calamitous and fearsome. However, the most shocking of all in this initial experience of a new culture, was seeing vast amounts abandoned children. The biggest contrast between American society and Ugandan society is the difference in the value of children. In America, parents generally highly value their children and are willing to make sacrifices them. For children in Uganda, the story is quite different; they are exploited, abused, and viewed as burdens. The adverse effects of military occupation in Uganda can be traced back to the beginning of colonization. European countries like Britain, Belgium, and France all rushed into Africa at the end of the 19th Century trying to get their slice of Africa. Some nations were worse than others, but the two common themes that tied African imperialism together were racism and exploitation. For decades, the Ugandan people were under rulers that exploited them and treated them as if they could not be trusted in society. The torn society of Uganda has been affected by years, even decades, of war and militarized occupation. They face a corrupt government, broken economy, and execrable poverty. Military occupation of land is a powerful tool

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