American Society During The Roaring Twenties

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The Roaring Twenties was known to many as an infamous age of sex, lawlessness, and prohibition. The twenties were much more than that actually it was time where the American society had a dramatic shift from its rural roots to the bustling city. American society was changing from the rural farm days. Many people were moving into the city and buying new gadgets that were being invited. Society was turning into a consumer Society this meant that many people across the country were buying the same products as people in different regions of society. Americans doubled their wealth during the twenties which is what led to this consumer society. Society now also was changing a lot for women. Women would now have the right to vote and more sexual…show more content…
During this time the black community was also forming its own culture. Part of black culture would be mainstreamed into modern society. A prime example of this would be Jazz music. Jazz music was listened to by whites and blacks during the twenties. African-Americans would help modernize America through the great migration of blacks and the creation of Jazz music. The next major shift in the twenties would be the American (white) woman. Women would gain the right to vote on August 18th, 1920. With the women’s right to vote the modern American woman changed. The modern woman that people think about when they think about the twenties is the flapper girl. A flapper girl would have a bobbed haircut, wore short dresses and skirts, drank, smoked, and had sexual freedoms. This was the American flapper girl by many she would be considered to be unlady like. Unlike what most people believe the modern woman did not do many of these things. Most women just took part in the fashion of the flapper girl that’s about it. But women did gain freedom with the right to vote and many women started working outside of the home in white collar jobs. During this time woman also gained some rights over their body with the invention of birth control device like the diaphragm. Women now be able to have fewer children if they wanted to. They would not be subjected to have multiple children that they may have not really wanted. Women also did not have to do as much house
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