American Society Is A Box Of Apples

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American society is a box of apples. When you open the box it looks like all of the apples are in good condition. However as you start reaching the bottom you find the bad apples, the ones that are bruised, expired, and have worms in them. I am those apples I was bruised because of my race, expired because of my ethnicities, and filled with worms from the nationality that I was not a part of. Race, ethnicity, and nationality are these qualities that defines a bad apple versus a good apple, a tainted apple or clean apple. Race is the seed of the apple. It determines whether the apple will be a green apple, a red apple, or a golden apple. It is something that we are born with, we can’t change it. We are born with it and have to bear the injustice that also comes with it. In “Learning To Be White” by Doctor Thandeka, She says in the preface that “no one is born white”, which can also be used as no one chooses to be born their race (preface). It is one of the biggest factors that causes discrimination. It started for me at the age of four-years old. It was about a year after 9/11, I lived in a conservative area of Missouri, where my family was the only people of color. We were poor, even though both my parents worked. We didn’t have a car and most of my clothes were passed down from my brother, who is seven years older than me. I had to walk myself to school that was about five miles away. It was my first day of kindergarten, I walked to the entrance of the school. The…
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