American Society Is Too Competitive Essay

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Many people feel that American society is too competitive. Does competition lead to better products and results, or does it lead to a focus on winning at all costs? Is fierce competition a good idea or bad idea? It’s a good idea to have the American society competitive. Being competitive brings out the best in people, doesn’t let people fill entitled, makes products higher quality goods and services. First of all, Bring out the best in people is always a good thing. If you’re a business owner or a worker for the company or business, being the best you can be is always going to lead to good things. Competition will cause people to be the best they can out of spite to be better and to keep their job. No matter if you’re an amature all the…show more content…
People use and abuse the government system too much nowadays already. Most of your Millennials already filling like the world owes them something is bad enough. But having competition helps keep them not getting everything handed to them. Making people feel like they have to work and be competitive to make, it makes our society result in the best it can be.

Moreover, If you’re a company owner and you make a product you don’t want competition. But once about only ten percent of people in America own a business or company there is gonna be competition. As a consumer you want competition it forces the companies to make better goods and provide better services for cheaper more fair prices. Which then allows you to be able to buy more goods and services. Which then allows you to be more successful in life and achieve more goals and those goals faster.

In conclusion, Does competition lead to better products and results, or does it lead to a focus on winning at all costs? Competition keeps people honest by not letting them fill or be entitled. It keeps people at there best all the time which is good for society. And it makes goods and services better for the consumer. So to answer the question yes it does lead to better products and
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