American Society : Money Is Everything

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In modern American society, money is everything. In the United States, the most powerful people are often the wealthiest. This is shown every four years when a presidential election occurs. In the last three presidential elections, the candidate who spent the most money campaigning won the election ( (Federal Election Commission) (New York Times). Money equals power in every aspect of a United States’ citizen’s life. This idea is first shown in the writings of Benjamin Franklin. In 1758, Franklin published “The Way to Wealth,” and through the character of Father Abraham, he presents industry, frugality, and prudence as the ways to wealth. In modern American society, industry, frugality, and prudence are still the ways to wealth. Benjamin Franklin says in “The Way to Wealth,” “If we are industrious, we shall never starve; for, At the working man 's house hunger looks in, but dares not enter.” This principle is still present in the United States today. Those who are diligent and hard-working rarely struggle to provide themselves with the bare necessities. The industrious people who lived during Benjamin Franklin’s time were a different type of industrious than modern Americans, but both groups are industrious, nonetheless. Citizens during the 1750s were more agricultural, than technological. Advancements in technology have allowed modern Americans to become even more industrious than the Americans who came before. Americans can now produce many things such as
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