American Stereotypes of China

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US writer Todd C. Ames concludes his two-part discussion of the ways in which Chinese and Americans think of each other, and the most common misunderstandings that arise AMERICANS don't know much about China. What they do know comes from three main sources: movies, the news, and history classes. This can be a sensitive subject, and I do not wish to offend anyone - my goal is only to give you an overview of American stereotypes of China. Just as I have encountered many stereotypes that the Chinese have of America (some accurate, some absurd, some insulting), one can similarly encounter American stereotypes of China in the US. - All Chinese know kungfu and dress like Huang Feihong. (Source: Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee [Li Xiaolong]…show more content…
And I would put China and the US in one category. - All "Western" countries are basically the same. This stereotype is the mirror of the American stereotype that all "Eastern" countries (China, Japan, Korea, etc.) are basically the same. Both stereotypes are completely false and are purely based on the perception that "all foreigners look alike." - Most American college students don't study, party all of the time, and are ignorant of the outside world. This stereotype is pretty accurate. - Every American owns a gun. Roughly 25 per cent of American adults own a gun, which is extremely high compared to most other countries. But still, the vast majority of Americans do not own guns. Food In general, Americans love Chinese food. Chinese and Italian food are probably the two most popular types of food in the US. However, most of the Chinese food you will find in US restaurants is "Americanized." You probably won't find things like stomach or intestines on the menu. Also, pork is not so popular in the US. Beef and chicken are much more popular in the US than pork. So don't be surprised if many Americans you meet don't like pork. One "food stereotype" that I have encountered among Chinese (and everyone else outside the US) is that all Americans eat McDonald's. I don't have any friends who like McDonald's. I hate it. Everyone I know hates it. I think McDonald's is probably more popular in other countries than it is here in the US. Of course, it is popular to
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