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American Psychological Association reported in 2011 that forty-four percent of Americans reported having moderate stress in their life. Everyone has different types of stress in their life. Stress can come in very many different forms. The American Psychological Association kept track of the different types of stress triggers Americans had from the years 2007-2010. What is your most common stress trigger? What kind of stress do you have in your life? The three most common triggers that were reported throughout the years were money, work and family relationships.
When it comes to financial stress, there are multiple different factors that could play into it. Financial stress can be caused by not having any money at all. What that means is maybe
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For an example a family member dealing with anxiety and or depression. The family could also be dealing with the next extreme of having a new baby in the family. These things going on within a family can cause stress, exhaustion and confusion for everyone in the family. When dealing with these problems there is always help, for example therapy or other family members willing to help. Most families do not take advantage of the help they can get. Families do not often ask for help because, they may feel embarrassed and have too much pride to ask for help. Families would rather take the short cut and do things like split their family up with the result of divorce. According the (American Psychological Association) forty to fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Most families turn to divorce but in all reality it just makes things worse for families. Family relationships do not always end in divorce but sometimes they suffer through and do not get the help they need. Some families allow each and everyone of the members of their family to suffer through the stress because they are…show more content…
Stress can come at very different levels. Stress can come in many different forms. Financial stress is a hard thing, and a lot of time takes time to fix the financial stressor. Financial stress a lot of time can not be avoided. Family relationship stress is another hard subject. It is a hard subject because a lot of the time kids and divorce are involved. Forty to fifty marriages end in divorce (American Psychological Association) and that all has to do with stress in the end. Lastly, workplace stress. Workplace stress is where a lot of people feel stuck. Yes, the person may dislike going to their job everyday, their workload is too heavy but it is a paycheck. The paycheck is what is held over a person’s head and makes them get up everyday and give a sense of security. In the end all three of these subjects of stress tie back together. It starts with the work place stress, when a person has a heavy work load at work and not enough pay to pay bills then Next comes financial stress. Once the person working has a heavy work load and not enough money the family relationship problems come because they are stressed about making ends meet and provide for their family. See how it all sort of flows together? The top three stressors sort of play off of one another. Of course this is not always the
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