American Tea History

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While tea dates back almost 5000 years to ancient China, there is a tale that about tea was created. An Emperor (and herbalist) who was sick, sitting under a tree waiting for his servant to boil water. As the water boiled leaves from the tree had fallen into it, and the Emperor decided to drink it anyway.
Out of all the countries to be introduced to tea, the United Kingdom was one of the last nations to be familiarized to it. By the mid-1600s, “Americans” were already drinking tea. Tea was being brought back from the Portuguese who were living in the East as traders and missionaries. But it was not the Portuguese who were the first to transport; it was actually the Dutch. Which soon had established teas as its popular drink.
Not too long after, tea soon became a common house hold object in England. From offices to nurseries, middle-class and upper-class families alike used tea for "At Home" events. I was able to be served for breakfast through dinner and be just as satisfying for either meal. During the hype of tea Family Tea time was created became, which included sardines, potted meats, muffins and crumpets, and was served in the living room.
The East India Company was perhaps the most powerful organization. Not only did it
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First becoming a popular drink in coffee shops, with locations near business for not only relaxation but pleasure as well. They were originally for middle and upper-class men; the women would drink tea in their own homes. During that time tea was still too expensive to be common among the working classes. Working class couldn’t afford tea because it’s high taxation price. The first tax on tea in the leaf, introduced in 1689, was so high at 25p in the pound that it almost stopped sales. It was reduced to 5p in the pound in 1692. Unfortunately with all the taxations, there was unseen consequence; there was growth of methods to avoid taxation including smuggling and
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