American Teen Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

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American Teen Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
Plastic and cosmetic surgeries have become a persisting issue in The United States, with the steady advancement of social media and technology being exposed to teens, many are falling victims to the country’s perception of standard beauty and resorting towards surgical procedures features that are not considered to be attractive among the general public. The United States makes it very easy for teens to proceed with aesthetic surgical procedures that put their lives in risk, by not enacting legislations regarding teen plastic and cosmetic surgery. Plastic or cosmetic surgery should not be permitted to anyone under 18 for aesthetic purposes; however exception should be made in cases of valid medical cosmetic procedures such as reconstructive surgery. Plastic Surgery is not a recent phenomenon rather it has been around for a couple centuries gradually improving alongside the medical advancement. According to Steven Dowshen, the term plastic surgery is defined “As the process of rearranging the parts of the body to alter a person 's appearance and ability to function. Plastic surgeons strive to improve patients ' appearance and self-image through both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures” The term Plastic Surgery comes from the Greek word “Plastikos” which basically means to form or mold. However, the very first cosmetic procedures can be traced back as early as 600 BC when Hindu surgeon…

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