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Austin Hagood Mrs. Crummey English Comp. 1101 September 16, 2010 Parental Pressure on Teens In the movie, American Teen, there were many types of parental pressures shown on teens entering college. This is a negative trait because more often than not, this leads the teen in the wrong direction or results in the teen making poor decisions. According to the PewResearchCenter, only nine percent of college students think that they need more parental pressure. In life, emotional, traditional and financial pressure will have a negative impact on teens entering college. American Teen character Hannah is a teen that endures parental pressure in an emotional state. In high school she was the “outcast” and did things different from the…show more content…
The biggest pressure that Meghan had was getting accepted to Notre Dame University. Her whole family attended Notre Dame and all she wanted to do was make her parents happy and fulfill the tradition and she is afraid to “drop the ball”. Meghan’s parents don’t do much verbal pressuring, but they are always wearing some type of Notre Dame apparel that Meghan hates. The reason that Meghan feels so pressured is because she doesn’t think that she has the grades to get in and is scared to disappoint her parents. While her parents don’t verbally express their opinion to her, it still affects Meghan in a negative way. Since her parents realized that she was so stressed about attending Notre Dame, they could have easily been there to comfort her and let her know that no matter her choice, they would still support and love her. Like Hannah and Meghan, Colin is another teen that has to deal with parental pressures. He is the star player of his high school basketball team and also wants to play basketball in college. The pressure that Colin faces is that his dad is not financially able to pay for college unless Colin can get an athletic scholarship. Colin has a very close relationship with his father because his father attends all of his games and supports him to the fullest. The downside is that Colin’s dad is always telling him that it is mandatory to get a scholarship or he will have to enroll in the army.
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