American Teenagers Behavior

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This article explores the results from a research conducted in a study of teenager’s behavior, in order to find how widespread hunger has afflicted American adolescents. In the survey 193 youths in focus groups in five states were studied. The students that were studied ranged from urban centers to rural suburbs in order to broaden the outcome results. The main focus of this study was to see what different teenagers micromanaged themselves to do in order to provide not only themselves with nourishment but their families as well. The piece “Some hungry teens turn to crime, sex for food” defines that one in five children under the age of 18 including 6.8 million youths ages 10 to 17 live in a household with limited or uncertain access to food,…show more content…
Rationalism and/or the rational method consist on retaining answers from logical reasoning. Gravetter and Forzano (2009) suggest that a common application of the rational method occurs when people try to jump to a certain conclusion without testing different solutions. For instance, the subject may answer questions through logical reasoning. Such as the thought if I sell my body for sex I’ll have money for food, selling drugs is an easy form of income, or if I steal this T.V then I can pawn it for money and so on and so forth. This is a rational way of thinking, it may even seem logical at the moment but all possibilities aren’t considered and the individual only considers a positive outcome. Yet in this particular article there’s a limitation to the juvenile’s rational way of thinking. They aren’t particularly the best at logical reasoning. For instance, the conclusion of having to steal or sell your body for sex to earn money is not a valid argument and the result isn’t logically justified by the premise statements. As Gravetter and Forzano (2009) said, most people have a difficult time when judging the validity of a logical argument which means that they can make mistakes throughout the rational method process. Because the rational method doesn’t consist of studying the subject and gathering refutable information it is said that logic is a way of establishing truth in the absence of evidence. In my opinion this is the exact method that the teens in this study have resulted to, a practice of
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