American Theatre Poor

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Actors underwent extensive physical training and often spend many months rehearsing a play, which in some cases would only be performed once, to an audience of less than sixty people.
Popular during the 1960’s and 70’s and imitated by theatre troupes around the globe.
Called Theatre of the Poor because it dispenses the idea behind a play to an audience without the theatrical trapping and technological resources of rich theatre

Spend a year seriously ill in a hospital when he was 16 years old; he made his decision to devote his life to art while in the hospital
Laboratory Theatre: it was an experimental theatre that he used to focus exclusively on the actor’s message rather than props or costume (opened in 1965, in Wroclaw, Poland); since 1985
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Lab Theatre is not a place where one goes for dramatic entertainment ; rather it is a place of research where the acting troupe explores the potentialities in any given text; this group is not attempted to perform a variety of work but concentrates instead up a limited number of dramatic pieces and constantly reinterpret and rediscovers them and doing so they try to get at the mythic architect in the work rather than its literal meaning
Formed a theatre often called Poor Theatre on account of the simple circumstance on which it takes place
Has the Rich Theatre and Poor Theatre
Rich is where one is rich and false and drawn upon other discipline but fail to produce a work of art that has integory; attempts to compete with film and television; uses mechanical devices uses for film and TV propose poverty in the theatre one in which a new space is designed by actors and spectators for each new work; eliminated costumes, lighting, makeup, and music from theatre and insisted that the actors physical flexibility is infinitely more interesting than costumes, makeup or lighting → actors make own music with his or her voice

Unique Rehearsal/Performance Characteristics of Grotowski’s Poor Theatre

Relationship between spectators and actors → eliminate distance between actors and audience → audience is around the actors → actors would also perform within the spectators
Space: didn’t perform in traditional theatre → space was a bare space with few props and minimum or no set (all focused on actors)
Example of Rich Theatre is: reality TV shows,
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