American Upper Class Vs. American Lower Class

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American upper class vs. American lower class Income inequality has been seen throughout different societies. It has always been separated with the poor on bottom and the rich on top. Most societies in past and present have had little to no movement between the separations of classes. The reality for the poor in most of those societies is that they can almost never get to the level and quality of life of the rich. America compared to other societies in our past and present is a society that strongly believes in the idea of “The American Dream”. The American Dream gives hope to some people below the rich that they can someday be as prosperous as the rich if they work hard enough for it and show that they are capable. This idea implies that it is possible for anyone whether the person is middle or low class. It is not possible for low-income workers in America to move to the upper class because they lack the resources for better jobs, they are racially or ethnically discriminated in the workforce and the upper class takes most of the income in the US. It is good jobs that lead people to become prosperous in America and closer to the upper class. A good job can lead to higher position jobs or it can provide someone with skills to start their own business and there are many other ways good jobs can lead to more prosperity. A good job can be anywhere from a skilled trade or technician to a professional. These are jobs with valuable skills that can lead to better opportunities.
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