American Values Vs Assumptions Against Somali Values And Assumptions

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Writing my first Three English Essays. First English, as a second language (ESL) class at MCTC was new experience for me. ESL is a course designed for people whose English is not their first Language. Although I took English classes before at a different adult schools and went to English school back in Kenya, I have never written an academic essay. When I registered my first writing class at MCTC in 2011, the instructor said, we are going to write three academic essays throughout the course and each essay should consist of at least four pages. The struggle I went through writing the first three essays. The first essay topic I choose to write about was “Coming to America”. The second essay was about “comparing American values and Assumptions against Somali values and assumptions”. The third was about” the cause and the effect of cellphone use”. The first essay was the most difficult to write. Each country and culture is different; whenever i travel to a new country I see some similarities and more differences. First semester at MCTC my second essays, I was asked to write comparison about the American Values and Assumptions to my Somali Values and Assumptions. So I made a research about the American Values and Assumptions and I found a good article that was written by (Gary Althen) he was a foreign student adviser at University of Iowa for many years. He also wrote many books. After my research I wrote about how American parents start teaching their
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