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American Vinyl Products Executive briefcase Group members : Lili C. Villa , Alberto Alfaro Mendoza This case is about the Customer Service at American Vinyl Products. AVP is a vinyl and plastic manufacturer. In the text , they describe a fax that was sended from one of their big clients called American Performance Car. This fax was a complaining letter due to the poor customer service of AVP . Now , American Vinyl Products need to find a solution in order to provide a quality , efficient and effective customer service to all of their clients and to provide their solution to American Performance Car. The main issues that AVP has are : * The same phone line is used for their three type of clients (DIYs, Professional users and…show more content…
On the other hand one single employee can take care of Large corporations an professional users . (One single person can be responsible of 90% of the companie’s revenue) So , we have two solutions : first , to find the best employee and put him in charge of the professional users and large corporate accounts and use the other 9 employees to cover DIYs . The second solution is to make a cost-benefit analysis to determine if having 9 employees that generate only 10% of the companie’s revenue is profitable (Pareto principle) . So , we think that the company should let go to the DIYs clients and maybe use this employees to find new bigger customers. On this manner, the company would focuss only in professional users and large corporate accounts , this would generate much more profit and reduce cost of unnecessary employees and time. * Finally , the time zones problem . 40% of the companie’s clients are located on a different time zone so , the customer service is not available at certain time . For this , we think that the best solution is to change the employees working hours. The employee that will be in charge of Professional users and Large corporate accounts will be working from 10:00 to 9:00 , on this way , the large corporate’s accounts needs will be covered . The other 9 employees will continue with a normal schedule from 7:00 to 6:00. Also , the company needs

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