American Violet Critical Analysis

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“American Violet” Critical Analysis Ashley ReBarker SOCI 3025 Dr. Sitawa Kimuna The “American Violet” sparks up a lot of issues that we see today in our society. These issues are very important as they deal with equality among our citizens but they may often be overlooked. The issue I am going to discuss in this critical analysis is Racial Prejudice in the Criminal Justice System. Racial prejudice happens every day and may never completely end, but one would think that it would not take place in a professional, uniform place such as the Criminal Justice System. After watching this movie, I have been taken back by the actions of the people in charge of this system. The 14th Amendment states that “ no state shall make or enforce any…show more content…
Drug laws target people of color, push them to take the plea bargain and be forever labeled a convicted felon, and are left to live a life with fewer chances and opportunities as the white people. In my opinion, this central idea sums up what the goal was of the Criminal Justice System discussed in this movie. It was stated in the movie, “An African American man has a better chance of being charged with a crime than graduating college.” But is it because a black man actually commits more crimes than a white man or is it because a black man is monitored/targeted more? The U.S has a history of racial injustice that centuries later we have yet to break free from. While we have laws that provide equal opportunity we are still lacking a completely equal criminal justice system. The Racial Justice Program helps to protect these victims by enacting lawsuits in state and federal courts all over the country. These lawsuits help to bring more equality to these communities of color. According to ACLU, the color of someone’s skin plays a crucial role in the decision on whether who deserves the death penalty in America. Since 1976, 43% of all executions have been a person of color. Of those currently awaiting execution, blacks account for 55% (American Civil Liberties Union, 2014). These statistics
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