American Vs. Mayan Infant Care Practices

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American vs. Mayan Infant Care Practices

Each parent has their own unique way of taking care of their child. However, each parenting style usually reflects those of the culture surrounding them. Throughout the world, many societies have different ways they care for their infants. These differences seem to be mainly due to cultural values. Add more interest. In the article “Cultural Variation in Infants’ Sleeping Arrangements: Questions of Independence” written by Morelli, Rogoff, Oppenheim, and Goldsmith, the different infant care practices, such as sleeping arrangement and bedtime routines, done by Mayan mothers and U.S. mothers were discussed. This study was not intended to decide which parenting style is the right one, but rather to understand the differences surrounding infant care in both cultures.
To better understand how infant care varies within a culture and between cultures, a U.S. mother, Patrice, was interviewed about her infant care practices. Patrice is 53 years old and is a mother to four girls ages 15, 18, 23, and 24. Patrice was born into an American Catholic family with Irish and British descent. She identified herself as a middle-class American. Patrice attended college and got her Bachelor’s degree so she is highly educated. Although she had many different jobs throughout her life, Patrice stated that her main career was being a mother as her children are very important to her. The study of Patrice’s infant care practices as well as the different…
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