American Withdrawal from Iraq and the Resurgence of al-Qaeda

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2006-2007 marked a time of violence in Iraq. Following the American invasion of 2003, numerous terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda,were fighting a guerilla campaign against the American occupiers and their colleagues in the Iraqi Security Force. The American response was to implement a surge of troops, which was successful in reducing the organization and effectiveness of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. But, following the 2011 withdrawal of American troops, we have recently seen a resurgence by al-Qaeda in Iraq. To understand what is happening today, we first have to be able to understand what led us to this point. Prior to the 2003 invasion, al-Qaeda had virtually no presence in Iraq. Therefore, we can conclude that the invasion…show more content…
For example, we have 40,000 troops stationed in Japan and 54,000 in Germany to respond to various threats that may arise in those theaters. With the Middle East being a much more volatile region than Europe or even eastern Asia, U.S. military commanders recommended keeping 20,000 troops in Iraq. But according to Fred Kagan, a military historian and former adviser to both former President George W. Bush and military commander General David Petraeus, Obama rejected that idea ( 2014). What makes the new violence so dangerous is that it is very much like a civil war. We no longer are seeing Muslim terrorists fighting back against American and Coalition troops, but we are seeing Muslims against Muslims. The conflict between Sunni and Shiite Islam has been ongoing for centuries. The majority of Iraq is Shiite. Saddam was a Sunni, who did persecute his opponents, many of whom were either Kurds or Shiites. Prime Minister al-Maliki’s persecution of his Sunni opponents is widely being blamed for al-Qaeda’s resurgence ( 2013). He had his Sunni vice president, Tariq al-Hashemi, arrested and sentenced to death for operating death squads ( 2013). Al-Hashemi has since fled Iraq.
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