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Women in American Society

HIST 25B Dr. Tracy Sachtjen
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Fall 2011 (626) 585-3279, C-349 M @ 10:25am-1:25pm T @ 11:30am-Noon W @ 10:25am-12:25pm
Course Description
This course investigates women’s roles in U.S. history and contemporary society. Covering three periods of American life, we will study how women’s roles have changed in response to cultural conflict and political movements. We’ll start with an introduction to women’s history and the analysis of gender. We’ll then move back historically into the colonial experiment of the 1600s and 1700s, in the world of contact among indigenous communities, European settlers, and African migrants. As you’ll
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7. Summarize contemporary feminist issues. 8. Relate the issue of gender historically to the broader framework race, class, and culture.

My Goals
I have three additional goals: 1. that you learn U.S. women’s history; 2. that you maybe even love U.S. women’s history; 3. that you improve your career-ready skills, namely public speaking, written expression, and group collaboration.

If you are new to college writing, are not comfortable with your English language skills, or if you have not yet completed English 1A, this course will be challenging. What should you do? First, see me. Put your trust in my teaching ability. I will help you write sharper essays. Second, schedule two meetings with the tutor in the Social Science Lab in C-315. Getting help – now – will raise your grade.

You may also benefit from the many grammar and composition worksheets that the Writing Center offers (C-341). English Language Learners may find this “8 Common ESL Errors” quick-fix list helpful: Academic Integrity
There is a no tolerance policy for cheating or plagiarism. Students found cheating or plagiarizing will get a zero on that assignment; a zero on one assignment jeopardizes your entire course grade. I have failed many students for plagiarizing. Avoid failure.

Do not use outside sources for this course. Do not copy from
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