American Women 1920-1960

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Throughout history, society has classified women and their roles and potential within a given society. There have been reasons in the past for this fact, which have included religious oppression and portraying of their role. The initial idea of a women’s place being in the home taking care of the children and looking after the home, this is still common in today’s society. Women now have a new found ability to fulfill their dreams and have achieved an independence that few would have perceived. Modern day society accepts the fact that sex should not determine your place within it, however, how did it get to this point? To find out, we will discuss some of the major events over time that have carved the modern day woman and the role…show more content…
Although convincing, it was not enough to have the movement passed. In retaliation and to demonstrate their political influence they manage to savage three political candidates campaigns and, “based on this display of power, one year later the amendment passed both the House and the Senate; in August 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment became a part of the United States Constitution. In November of that year, women across the nation voted in their first presidential election (Dooley, 1990).
While World War I raged on American nation decided to step into the forefront and to mobilize its army. Even, “though America did not enter the war until 1917, in reality it had been preparing for the eventuality of the conflict almost since the fighting started. In 1915, Wilson endorsed a proposal to expand the military. The first step was the National Defense Act of 1916, which increased the Army from 90,000 to 233,000 troops” (Bowles, 2011). The draft took people from all walks of life and forced them onto the front line, by doing so it left large holes in the inner workings of the economy. Although there was a war, soldiers needed to come back to a working country.

The end of World War I women began to change they took on a different meaning with fashion, they started wearing shorter shirts, applying make-up, and they even cut their
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