American Women - A Battle Across All Fronts

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The American Dream - accomplishing greatness with only the clothes on one’s back (also known as the ideal success story) - has been greatly influenced by the role women have played in American History. Women were key in the education of future generations in America and were responsible for instilling true Republican values in them; this process would later be known as Republican Motherhood. Throughout American History, men found women worthy of only one main task: child rearing. This view of women changed only minutely throughout the centuries and demonstrated the extremity of it, when African-Americans (ex-slaves) were given equal rights before white women. Though women faced various political, social and economic obstacles, they still managed to shape the culture and society around them by fighting for their long denied hard powers. They sought only to gain the right of franchise, be measured as equals to men in society and thus no longer be discriminated against. Women played important roles in abolitionist movements, prohibition movements and as suffragists, popular icons, politicians and social activists. By overcoming many obstacles, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Abigail Adams, Anne Hutchinson and Mary Wollstonecraft left their permanent mark on history by creating the modern myth known as the American Dream. They represented the moral authority of the republic and by struggling for centuries for equal rights, they managed to intertwine Republican Motherhood with the
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