American Women 's Roles During The 1950s

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American women’s roles greatly expanded during the 1940s when the United States entered World War II. The media and the government’s campaign urged women into the workforce as part of their war effort and patriotic duties, because workers were needed to make weapons and supplies for the war since the men were away fighting. More than six million women entered the workforce, and the majority worked in the industrial sectors in mills, factories, shipyards, and lumberyards. However, once the war ended and the America postwar years began, women’s jobs were given back to men and they were encouraged to go back home or find female occupations. The 1950’s was a time where the cult of domesticity became dominant in the United States during the twentieth century. This decade was the height of the baby boom years and women were expected to stay at home as housewives and mothers. These changing expectations were reflected in the media such as television shows, magazines, and advertisements, cookbooks, and books which helped shape and encouraged women to become housewives in the 1950’s. The media was an important aspect in influencing women’s role and making it important because mass media was prominent during this time because of the rise of the consumer culture. Advertisements usually show women in the homes doing domestic tasked, looking cheerful and happy as they are talking to their husbands and children, serving dinner, cleaning, or looking at Nguyen 2 their new household
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