American Workers Are More Beneficial And Cost Efficient Than Machinery

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Many American workers are at risk of losing their jobs to man-made machinery. One author, Adam Davidson,wrote “Making It in America,” and he argues that American workers are more beneficial and cost efficient than machinery. He uses his interview with Standard Motor Products employee, Maddie Parlier, to build his argument. Maddie is a low educated worker who was forced to take the job at SMP when she became pregnant her senior year of high school. Though she was quick and effective working the laser-welding machine, the unskilled job increased her chance of being replaced by a machine. Many manufacturing companies have found machines more efficient, but don’t realize the effect on American workers. Davidson builds his credibility with logical facts and statistics, and displaying emotional appeals to influence the audience; however, by the end of his article, his ability to influence his readers with his supporting facts strengthens his argument. Throughout “Making It in America,” Davidson uses his personal experiences to strengthen his credibility and support his argument. The author’s sources come from personal interactions with the Standard Motor Products Company, including interviews with Maddie Parlier, Luke Hutchins (skilled machinists at SMP), and manager Tony Scalzitti. Tony comes to explain that, “Maddie is cheaper than a machine,” (Davidson 338). The manager tells us that low-skilled workers are capable of being trained in a short amount of time, while
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