American Youth in the 1960s

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It has progressed into a country of equality that finds its foundation in its personal freedoms and the progressive movement of technology, politics, economics, social views, ethics and so forth since the American Revolution. It has been changing rapidly since the influx of immigrants that came here before the Revolution. The 1950s were a happy time. I Love Lucy and Leave It To Beaver were on television. The Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley were popular acts in music. The youth movement of the 1960s was necessary in order for America to progress in social, political, economic, and technological ways that could further America from the 1950s into a new era of personal identity and freedom of expression. It was a time of fathers going to work, mothers staying home and tending to the housework, and kids hanging out in the suburban neighborhoods. The 1950s were the end of World War II which brought back many young serviceman to the states to start families and get jobs. This inflow of young and eager men put a lot of money into industry and goods not available during the war. This created a boom in the economy. Suburbs started to pop up everywhere because all these young men and their families needed housing. Levitt Co. was the reason for this. They built preplanned communities that contained cheap and affordable houses. Most looked exactly the same…
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