American in the 1790s-1850s Socially, Politically, and Economically

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AAmerica began as a small struggling nation, with each citizen desiring an opportunistic way of life. To achieve this way of life, many changes needed to be made. Different people with distinctive ideas came together, and although there was conflict, they made great changes politically, socially, and economically. Each aspect changed America tremendously in a variety of ways. Analyzing each specific change can determine the extent in which America has changed for better or for worse. The creators of the Constitution wanted a one party system, but during the election of 1796 the one party system started to split. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were the candidates for the election; Adams won president and Jefferson as vice president.…show more content…
Then came about the Era of Good Feelings which was the period in which the disappearance of the Federalists enabled the Republicans to govern in a spirit of seemingly nonpartisan harmony. The diplomatic achievements of the Era or Good Feelings were due almost entirely to the efforts of John Quincy Adams, Monroe’s secretary of state. During the election of 1824 John Quincy Adams was against Andrew Jackson, Jackson had more electoral and popular votes but Adams won the election. Adams won because neither candidate had an electoral majority, leaving it up to the House of Representatives to decide. Adams only served for one term, there was no question about the fact Jackson was going to win the next election and he did. The election of 1828 was the first to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of the new popular democratic culture and party system. The Democrat party was formed under the leadership of Andrew Jackson; favoring states’ rights and a limited role for the federal government. The Second American Party System was between the Democrats and the Whigs. The Whigs were organized to oppose Andrew Jackson in the early 1830s. The Whigs were the heir to Federalism, favoring a strong national government in the economy like the American System and supported active social reform. Its power was in the North and Old Northwest, voters who would benefit from increased commercialization. The Whigs wanted to
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