American in the 90's Essay

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The era of the 1990’s was an explosive time in American history both figuratively and literally. In the 90’s there was an extreme variety of different failures and also advances in technology. We as a nation had new advancements in space travel, our military and the way of life preparing for the turn of the century. As a country we didn’t know what the new millennium had to bring for us, but we were ready. Most significantly changing America though was from our creativeness that took place, the fear we had, and our militaristic ways. In the 90’s, the concept of music was a huge explosion compared to previous years, though there were many more acts of creativity. Primarily, music played a huge part in society as apposed to other decades. …show more content…
This Theory was that all computers and electronics that ran by date would short out while not knowing what to do after December 31st, 1999. The computers shorting out also struck fear that ballistic missile and nuclear weapons that were run by computer would launch and cause mass destruction. Fear of terrorism was also brought upon by the bombings of the World Trade Centers. This event happened by a truck with bombs planted in the back of it to be parked and detonated under the centers. Even though the bomb had successfully gone off, no significant structural damage took place. This did end up causing wide spread fear of terrorism though. The final fear that made the 90’s such a memorable era was the Hubble Space Telescope failure. After years of design, the Hubble Space Telescope was launched into space. The telescope ended up faulty though with unfocused lenses. This made the multimillion-dollar project almost a complete failure. In solution though, new lenses were able to be sent and installed making the telescope work properly. All of the fear brought upon by the 1990’s brought a scare for the moment, but the advancements in technology never held anyone back. Though a disaster itself, the militaristic ways of our nation in the 1990’s was the final blow that America had to take. The most significant militaristic feat was the Persian Gulf War. Also known as Dessert Storm, the war started as an invasion from Iraq into Kuwait. After this
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