American or European: Which Roadway kills More Drivers?

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Motor vehicle travel remains the foremost mode of transportation not only in the United States, but in all countries, which provides a great degree of flexibility. However, for all its advantages, injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes are still the leading cause of death for individuals under the age of 27. As many have witnessed, accidents can arise at any time and occur about every 60 seconds. When operating motor vehicles a person increases the probability of triggering an accident or being involved in one, with that in mind, the worst outcome can take place. Fatalities are a reality and the worst aftermath of an accident, as well as, the most devastating. Fatalities on the highway occur about every 16 minutes, according to…show more content…
The research displays that although there are differences when it comes to the numbers tested, different ways to determine a vehicle, and time frame. Overall, every piece of data received was comparable across the board. A comparison of the 50 United States and 50 European countries was compiled, calculated, and analyzed to determine the number of traffic fatalities that occur over a given year. Multiple years were researched in order to obtain enough figures for the author of the paper to determine if the hypothesis was true or false. The comparison took into account all fatalities that can transpire on and off the roadway while operating various modes of transportation. The significance behind the research is the creation of an awareness and understanding. The number of traffic fatalities in the United States is perceived higher. The question posed by the researcher is, why are the numbers of fatalities higher in the United States compared to European countries? The opinion of the author is that the United States is assumed to be superior in some ways such as: having more advanced road systems, more laws are being broken and more individuals on the roadways. With this evidence the research can be used for awareness among the populous and possibly other organizations to reduce future incidents. The second piece is

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