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Having Big Mc and coke, Chinese children celebrate birthday party and enjoy their time outside their parent’s home. Who would have thought 15 years ago that it would happen in China?. What were that mysterious reasons that make cultures change?. Basically, Nations cultures have changed all over history and that was a major reason in their development. During the last decades, every culture has had dramatic changes at all levels such as food, clothes and even thoughts. All of those changes refer to globalization. However, with the passage of time, some cultures had more influent on others and it was obvious that some cultures began to impose themselves on others. One of those cultures is American culture and its impacts on other culture are…show more content…
According to Millett in his article “Americanization”, “American globalization not only wrongly stereotypes us, but also causes many nations to hate the "American Way." It may have even caused the terrorist attacks on September 11. Thomas Friedman, in an article published in 1998, warns that Americanization not only creates hatred for the United States, but also allows the people who foster this hatred to do something with it - through technology.”

In short, it is obvious that Globalization has turned to Americanization and it should not be continuing like that. In other words, Globalization has to return to its general meaning and takes off any dress may make it out of its contest. Thus, Globalization stays as an excellent sign for exchanging aspects of cultures without any influent from one on another.
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