Americanization Of The Game By Amy Tan

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Americanization Affecting Lifestyles Literature is used by authors to entertain and inform readers as well as to teach important lessons. Readers take pleasure in being swept away to varying worlds as the eloquent words and powerful characters transport them from the reality of one’s daily lives, into mysterious places that entice one to read on. Authors successfully captivate readers because of their dedication and inspiring words that help readers comprehend their beliefs and motives for writing. Lessons are also used in literature to teach readers about issues that could be applied generations later. Many times an author will not come out and tell one what these lessons are, they are embedded deep in the author 's characters and…show more content…
However, the problem can be resolved by educating others and eliminating cultural stereotypes. The social issue of Americanization have affected many immigrants who have traveled to America in search of a new life. Those new to the country have been obligated to change their culture, religion as well as how they have ordinarily lived their lives. Most Americans were comfortable with how they lived on a daily basis and did not like the idea of foreigners coming and taking them away from their comfort zone. United States’ citizens were fearful when thousands of immigrants arrived in America unable to speak English and had different cultural beliefs. Immigrants appeared alien to Americans because the ways one lived were different and unknown. “The “problem” of Americanization arises because American national identity must be constructed in the absence of primordial ethnic mythology, and in the face of exceptional diversity. There is a general recognition that the United States is a “civic nation,” rather than an “ethnic nation,” in which devotion to “founding principles” is the source of national identity and community” (Olneck). In America, the nation believes in the people having individual rights as well as equality and freedom, while many other countries are based off of
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