Americans Are Now Living In a Society That Rivals Orwell's 1984

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Today it is possible for the government to monitor anything and everything we do or say, and even to track the places we go. In George Orwell’s 1984, Winston Smith lives in the dystopian society called Oceana. This book was written by George Orwell, and thus gave way to the term an Orwellian society (a society that can be compared to the societies of both 1984 and "Animal Farm"). This society is usually the result of an attempt to become a utopia which ultimately has gone terribly wrong. With the advancement of modern technology, America is being turned into an Orwellian society. While the technology we have is more advanced than what was seen in 1984, it can be reasoned that the services and devices, not present in 1984, would be heavily…show more content…
It has been discovered that the major cellular provider Verizon, has made a contract with the NSA stating that at the end of each day the company Verizon must give all cellular records collected that day to the NSA. This transaction however is not expressed to the customers of Verizon. This is a breach in trust between the customers of Version and the company itself. The NSA program, uncovered by the former CIA agent and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, is called Prism. Snowden, while working for the NSA disclosed this information by leaking this classified information to a web site called The Guardian. The fact that the information was classified means that the NSA had no intention of telling the citizens of the USA about its ability to monitor and record this great amount of data. This program while legally not able to record the conversation in the of a phone call can detect and record the number who is making the call, the number being called, the duration of the call, and, if necessary, the cellular tower used to send the call. This is intruding upon a huge portion of what most people consider personal, private data. (The Guardian) One of the bestselling portable device brands is Apple. Every Apple product made after the year 2000, other than the iPod Shuffle, has the ability to connect to the internet. With the ability to connect to the internet comes the liability of being monitored by the

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