Americans DID Land on the Moon

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Kennedy announced before a special joint session of Congress, his ambitious goal of sending a human to the moon before the end of the decade. However, this enormous goal, that would appear to be a catalyst for domestic pride, has as many ties to the Cold War, as it does to the moon itself. Regardless of this, when Apollo 11 landed on the moon in July of 1969, the entire country rejoiced. While some doubted the motives of Kennedy’s goal, a bigger conspiracy may have lay just beneath the surface; a conspiracy that could have shaken the entire country and enraged the world. Many well known scientists and government officials claim that the United States of America never actually landed a man on the moon, and that the government faked the entire event for both political and financial gain. Although much compelling evidence and contradictions have been brought to light by the conspiracists, NASA has successfully responded to all of these in a robust and educated manor, that fully enforces the fact that the United States of America did in fact land a man on the moon. The United States has never been a country that shies away from a political advantage, and that is exactly one of the many alleged motives for them to fake a moon landing. In the height of the Cold War tensions could not have been higher between the two inter nation superpowers: the USA, and the USSR. As seen in the so called “Miracle on Ice” and the World Chess…
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