Americans Do Not Realize the Trouble Fast Food is Causing Essay

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Fast food restaurants or fast food in general is becoming an issue. America does not seem to realize is that there are several reasons why fast food restaurants are not the best choice for people. What these restaurants are actually doing is breaking family bonding, increasing obesity, and wasting money. Being healthy is a choice a person has to make themselves. America should not want to continue to harm others with the selections they give out. Choices should always be made wisely.
To begin with having fast food restaurants around is causing family bonding to break. Fast food restaurants are making family to fall apart without knowing. Families are too busy going out buying food instead of staying home and gathering the family together
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This leads people to have heart diseases and even cause them to have diabetes. All this could happen to an individual because of the bad choices they make.
Americans fail to realize that obesity is increasing because of the options they are putting out. People get sick only because they do not have much of a choice to eat better when they go out. If fast food restaurants had a menu that at least served healthy foods then it could an exception. For example, in the article “the rich get thinner, the Poor get Fatter” Sabin states that “Most Southern states have obesity rates hovering, near, or above, the thirty-percent mark.” That comes to show America that there should be a change to try and decrease obesity. One way should be is to add healthier food to the fast food menus.
A lot of people are making these bad choices because of one thing. If fast food restaurants will stop being allowed in many places a lot of health issues will decrease. Also a lot of things will change because people will be limited to their options. Since America makes a lot of money because of these restaurants it is going to be hard to stop them from being around. So a lot of people will continue to become sick and have major heart problems.
In addition, a lot of money is being wasted on fast food when they can have a home meal. Some people think it is better just going to a fast food place because they would have the food already done for them, but they
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