Essay about Americans Have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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Americans Have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Our rights as Americans started to take shape when the Constitution of the United States was drawn up by the delegates at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Three years later, a very important part of American history called the Bill of Rights was added. The Bill of Rights is looked upon and interpreted every day. It gives the citizens of the United States many of the rights and freedoms that we value today, and some of those are in jeopardy. One right that is at stake is our right to bear arms, which is addressed in the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is a highly debatable topic, and many legal scholars and the Supreme Court have yet to resolve the issues and
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Several states have added “right to carry” laws, while others have made it illegal to possess a concealed weapon (Smith 22). Most of the additional laws deal with the ownership and use of handguns and assault-type weapons. There has been much debate and government lobbying dealing with the passing of gun laws. Many people think the government is focusing too much on the laws about guns, because 90 percent of all violent crime in the United States does not involve any type of firearm (Smith 17). Other countries around the world have also set examples by having gun laws. Guns are banned in the United Kingdom, and the crime rate has risen since that time (Smith 24). Also, within the United States, the crime rate in the states is lower if the states have “right to carry” laws (Smith 22). The other major problem with gun laws in the United States is that they are simply not being enforced (Smith 15). These facts and others involving the positive uses of guns are argued in court rooms and government offices around the country every day. As government officials study the facts and make laws, they continue to maintain the people’s right to bear arms.

When thinking about the people’s right to bear arms, it is appropriate to know that not all stories about guns are bad. Guns are not always used for violence, and the government seems to be keeping this fact in mind. Positive stories about people having their lives saved by guns seem to
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