Americans’ Overdependence on the Internet Essay

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Americans’ Overdependence on the Internet Americans’ over-dependence on the internet is causing more harm than good. Technological advancement, coupled with our easy access to virtual life through computers, cell phones, iPods among others has introduced us into a new era of extreme livelihood and lifestyle; we have gradually expanded internet use to do most of our walking and thinking for us. This growing trend in internet obsession if left unchanged will forever affect our emotional, physical and social wellbeing. During his research in 2001 (John B. Horrigan) in his article The Internet fosters Online Communities published that that, “In recent years, there has been concern about the social impact of the…show more content…
Not only has the Internet led to a breakdown in our communal spirit but also the internet has raised a major concern in our health wellbeing. Web has become such a strong addiction for some people that it is literally ruining their lives .With the Internet performing so many tasks for us we have become lazy; we have virtually switched from being active to being passive participants in the performance of our activities of daily living. We Google for answers rather than go to the library and shop online rather that walk to the mall; not to mention students who have no limitations but choose to ignore the classroom experience and sign up for online classes. Moreover many people unconsciously consume large amounts of unhealthy snacks as they surf the internet. Consequently, this Internet generated lazy attitude coupled with unhealthy eating habits has led to obesity in some people. Moreover, Internet addiction has been found to cause serious psychological problems; on April 26, 2010, CNN carried a story titled New Addictions: Internet by Campbell Brown. A young man named Ben Alexander became so obsessed with the online game “Star Wars” that he dropped out of college. His compulsive playing habit turned him into an extremely depressed and anti-social person characterized by a dissociative disorder when he started assuming the character of the fictitious entities of the game. Internet use has also generated an increase in sex
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