Americans Responsibilities Essay

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Responsibilities of Americans It is the Duty of Americans to defend our nation, vote for new leaders, and sign up for the selective service. We need to do all of these things so that America can thrive on. If we do not do whatever it takes for America to thrive, we can kiss this beautiful nation goodbye. There are a lot of people that would love to come into this nation and change the way we do things. This is a great nation, and if we do not help to make it awesome, we may lose it. Defending our nation can be done in multiple ways. Some of those ways can be buying guns, enlisting in the armed forces, standing up for what is right, and preserving the constitution. Buying guns will initially detour any threat that comes into this nation. If people from a foreign country are planning to attack this nation, and they see that there are 300 million registered guns, and who knows how many unregistered guns, they will think twice before invading. This means that not only will they be fighting the American soldier, but they will be fighting the American citizen. Also part of the defense is standing up for what is right. If I stand up for the right things, this nation will…show more content…
If you do not vote when you are fully capable of doing so you are practically saying you do not care about this nation. Also, if you vote, you are helping your nation elect the correct leader which will help America. You have the freedom to vote so why not express it? If you do not vote, you have no excuse to complain about the president, because you could have made a difference but you chose to sit it out. There are also many other opportunities to vote for various leaders. From the mayor of your small town, to the governor of your state. The Presidential election is one of the more important elections, but they all require us the people to vote and chose whom we have run our nation, town, township, school, and
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