Americans Should Be Illegal Immigrants

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“What makes someone American isn’t just blood or birth but allegiance to our founding principles and faith and the idea that anyone from anywhere can write the next chapter of our story,” stated President Barack Obama. In 2012, the Obama administration established the program that allowed young children to work and study, who were brought in the country illegally by their parents. They are known as DREAMers. As of 2017, with the new President, Donald Trump he was questioning this program and whether it should continue. So, should these children be allowed to stay in the US although they arrived illegally? This question splits society today and many ask if this program helps to US to prosper. Some individuals argue that the DACA program should be stopped as these children are not officially US citizens and they do not belong in the country as they entered illegally whether that be a fault of theirs or their parents. They believe that the hardworking citizens of the US should be put first and the illegal immigrants should be sent back to their place of birth as immigration is already a problem in the US and the DACA program constitutes a total of 800,000 undocumented immigrants. US citizens who are unemployed could then take the jobs of the DREAMers reducing the unemployment rate as well.…show more content…
They argue this because they believe that the children arrived in the US through no fault of their own and they should not be sent held accountable and sent back for the actions of their parents. They also state that if they are law abiding individuals and pose no threat and who are contributing to society by working and paying taxes just like regular US citizens. Why should they be treated any different than US citizens when they act the same? Furthermore, people that removing the program would be like disrespecting Obama and getting rid of his legacy and what he
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