America's Core Values Of Individualism And Equality In America

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Individualism and equality are two of America’s core values. These core values are the standards by which every American uses to distinguish what behavior are acceptable and what is not in the society in which we live in. It is these two values that our responsible for molding our personalities as well as our behaviors. I believe out of all the values the United States possess, individualism and equality are the two most important values to follow.
Equality involves the perceived idea that everyone is created equal. Although this is a concept that is all over America, it is more ideal rather than a reality. Equality is the idea that individuals are treated the same, regardless of their race, gender, or religion. Since the founding of
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I was brought up to follow the “Golden Rule,” to treat others the way you would want to be treated. When my parents would socialize me around my family and other people, they taught me not judge people or to make fun of others because we are all different. Growing up my grandfather and his best friend were both left disable after their accident. My parents socialized me around him a lot, that’s all I ever knew. It taught me that we are all different, but should all be treated the same because he still could do everything we could. As an American child individualism and equality was drilled into my brain, it was just something that you did in your everyday life. It taught me that you do create your own density and you never let anything slow you down. These values are very important to me and my family as well.
As I reflect and pounder about my adult life, I see to this day these values are still present in my life. I use these two values every day to communicate with others, whether I am at work, school, or talking to someone in my family. I believe that everyone is their own person, and are in control of their own density. When I attempt to socialize with others I try to keep in mind that we are all different, so what I like someone else may not. So, I try to be considerate with people and their thoughts. I also don’t look down on anyone when I am socializing with someone. I do believe that we are all equal, no matter race, age, or gender, we
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