Americas Cost Of Wars Abroad And Domestic

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Americas Cost of Wars Abroad and Domestic The American soldiers fighting in foreign lands create a high cost of war. The multiple factors related to the high cost of maintaining America’s vast military bases in foreign lands is not sustainable, but the human cost of families coping with injuries suffered in war by home coming vets from foreign wars is not acceptable either. The foreign and political sides are the cost of maintaining a large military presence here and abroad is not feasible. Whereas, the concerns of war over domestic issues must be a balance between military spending and infrastructure was in America’s best interest. The main focus on key issues like causalities, political, foreign, and lobbyist and much more topics…show more content…
According to Finley, “I would catch him off guard and he’d start choking me. And then all of a sudden, just out of nowhere, you see him do this…[she mimed eyes opening wide and awareness dawning] like he had just snapped back into reality. And I had bruises all over my body.” Joan suffered abuse by her husband due to PTSD and many more veterans suffer the same problem from an unpopular war, but many more soldiers with PTSD have choked their girlfriends, or wives to death in rage, and now face death row. The causalities consist of death on the field of battle as well as suicide at home from PTSD. The Iraq war and the Afghanistan war involved several injuries; as well as, four thousand casualties, and the number of suicides from 2012 to present outnumbers the soldiers dead from combat. The high cost of soldiers were dying in an unpopular war by the Bush administration and the cost to Americans at home and abroad in caring for these wounded warriors, as a result, by 2003 to 2010 the deaths in military action suicides, and suicides at home at a rate of thirteen point five per one hundred thousand troops (Lancet). This only includes America’s causalities, not the deaths of Afghanistan, Iraq, allies and Iraq civilians killed during the war, yet on top of that; rebuilding their shattered lives. The tragedy of war did not just affect Americans; the American soldiers were in
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