America's Dark Days: The Great Depression

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America weeps in tears as she witnesses the destruction that is unfolding across the nation. In 1933 four thousand banks alone are shut down because of their financial dept. As people suffer from poverty president hoover sits back and does nothing to try to help the nation. Black Tuesday in 1929 cause thousands of people end up homeless because they can not keep up with their bills and taxes. Jim J. Braddock and his family is one of many struggling families to keep basic needs for the family and will do anything to pay for the family expenses. The great depression creates turmoil in america and makes work impossible to get.
“The Roaring Twenties” stock market was more bull market than a bear market by a landslide. In this occasion people were “buying on credit” instead of paying up front. People were led to believe that the stocks were more profitable than what they actually were. This misconception came to a disruptive halt on Tuesday, October, 29, 1929 which is known as Black Tuesday when the stock market crashed. The stock market crashed and stock brokers could not pay off their loans they owed to the banks. So there were huge losses that caused businesses and banks to close down. And the people entered the Great Depression. The economy’s horrific condition led to people losing houses and living in homes made from cardboard, tin, or containers. These makeshift homes would often be seen in one common area called Hoovervilles. Everyone could tell if a person was poor
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