America’s Democracy Intervention Mystery, Cuba and You

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How long does it take for things to change? It takes most things seconds to become different. Like when someone burn something, it turns into ash, or smash a banana, it turns In to mash. But when it comes to gargantuan things, like government, sometimes change seems impossible. Though America has made it happen before. Anerica should continue spreading democracy. From Kosovo to Japan, the country changed a solid government! In Columbia, they took advantage of their troubles to make their government more fair. Sadly though, governemt changing is not always sparkles and rainbows. They have failed multiple times with consequences that may cause WWW III. In Cuba, America tried and they went communist, and now they hate us. But because thy…show more content…
Columbia shows that the U.S turned a country that bitterly hated America and loathed them, and the U.S overcame that made their angry, near anarchy government into the democracy it is today. But a wise man once said, “Failure is always an option.” (Adam Savage, Mythbuster), America has learned that the hard way when we took on the challenge of Cuba. Cuba. The probable #1 fail in American history. Not many people still think it was a good idea to target Cuba, and the reasons are clear. Way back in the 1700s, Spain owned the island, but America gladly freed them after a six month war. So, on May 20, 1902 the U.S let go of the reins of their government, and gave it to them. Unfortunatly, Old America put a few catches into play. The U.S gets land for naval bases and are involved with all military forces that would be harmful to them. This was called the Platt Amendment. But, maybe from being a young country, they totally failed as a civilization. Poverty fell upon them after the sugar prices went down significantly, and a dictator, Gerardo Machado y Morales was elected in 1924. And he was overthrown by another dictator! His name was Sergeant Fulgencio Batisa Y Zaldívar, in September 4th, 1933. But he finally earned the title of supreme dictator on March 10th, 1952. But of course, people hated this. On July, 26, 1953, a bout 125 Cubans planned attack on the army base Moncado. Sadly, the

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