America's Development

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America's Development: Currently, America is a very different country as compared to its political, social and economic status at the end of the Civil War. The Civil War is widely recognized as a major event in the country's historical consciousness since it played a crucial role in determining what kind of nation the United States would be. This is mainly because it resolved two essential questions and concerns that were left undetermined by the Revolution of 1776-1783. First, the Civil War helped in determining whether America would be an inseparable nation with a sovereign central government or dissolvable union of independent states. Secondly, the historic event helped to determine whether the United States would remain as the largest country with slaves across the globe despite the declaration that every individual has equal right to freedom. One of the major areas in which the United States is different today than it was at the end of the Civil War is politically. At the end of this war, the Confederacy soldiers were tired, discouraged, and had nearly no means of winning the war. The country political environment was characterized by secession of several Southern states regarding slavery concerns, issues of state's rights, and Abraham Lincoln's election. These issues were addressed through bringing together of each state and the unfortunate end of Lincoln's presidency ("The End of the American Civil War", 2012). However, the country's political environment has
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